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Outdoor Workout

In Person Training

In home, outdoors, anywhere.

Woman and Dog on Hike

Outdoor Training to the Next Level

Hiking for Cardio

Sunshine beaming on your face, the smell of nature flowing through your nostrils, the sound of leaves rustling below you and the breath of fresh air you've been longing for. Imagine being secluded from the world, enjoying yourself and seeing things you've never seen before above the highest of mountains, all while getting into the best shape of your life! WholeFit pairs you with a personal trainer and some of the best parks in Colorado for a workout experience like no other.

Click to Read up on my Hiking Journey and how it transformed my life completely. 

Strength Training Outdoors

Strength Training for the Outdoor Type

Forget the Dumbbells', omit the workout bench and hustle and bustle of a busy gym. Utilize the outdoors and all what mother nature has to offer. Hay Barrels, sledgehammers, monster truck tires, you name it. The ultimate Naturalists Paradise.

Image by Boxed Water Is Better
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