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Transformation. My Insane Results.

-Jermaine Robinson
Ceo of WholeFit

 After graduating I put on an extra 40+ pounds. After trying so many workout videos, different gyms, and classes nothing seemed to work. I relocated from Florida to Colorado for a more fit and healthy lifestyle. It was then that I found great happiness and success by working out. After losing weight and transforming my body, I also experienced a mental shift. I wanted to help others be happy healthy and fit. I set out to get my certifications, left the restaurant industry after 7+ years and never looked back.


My Journey


How it Began.

I battled with social anxiety my whole life. I've taken medication, tried self medicating myself in unhealthy ways, such as alcohol and shaming myself as an individual. I've always had this sense of unhealthiness growing up as a teenager. So much so that I "illegally" pirated the craziest workout video program of my era, 'Insanity' just at age of 16. I grew up in the hot humid heat of Florida and thought it was a great idea to workout in my garage with it being 100+ degrees outside. Horrible idea. But that wouldn't be the last of my horrible eight loss ideas. I had no education or knowledge about weight-loss what's-so-ever. My diet was 700 calories a day just chicken and green beans, which lasted a total of 3 days! Among that I purchased programs like Weight-Watchers, stuck to a Keto Diet, eating zero carbs. I signed up for a gym membership were I would go at midnight to avoid everyone and would spend 1-2 hours just walking the treadmill. I saw no change, in fact I weighed much more than where I began any diet. Nothing worked. Then Covid-19 hit. At this point me and my fiancé were living in Kentucky and for an entire 2+ months stores, malls, restaurants and gyms were shut down completely. I had a choice to make, I could either gain the Covid 30 pounds that everyone talks about, or I can use this extra free time to focus on health and find a routine that worked. I chose to focus on health. I went out to Dick's Sporting Goods, purchased a backpack, large water bottle, hiking shoes and went to the nearest 'open' park. The amazing 'Mammoth Cave' in Kentucky. With my fiancé by my side and an endless amount of time to spare I hiked. As a kid living in Florida, hiking was a rare for two main reasons. Number one, its extremely hot year round. Number two, for the most part Florida was mostly Flat. Hiking is something that I have always wanted to pursue, the few times I hiked I loved it, I found With now being able to take advantage of this amazing new park and recreational area I set out to make this the missing link to my successful weight-loss. So much so, by hiking at 'Mammoth Cave', alone and reading and educating myself on nutrition I was able to drop down 45+ pounds. All by doing what I loved best.

The picture above is my highest weight recorded 230 Pounds. 


My Progression

After sticking to a healthy diet plan and hiking as much as 5-6 days a week I was able to break the 200's and have never went back. During this time I moved to Colorado for the specific reason to be more healthier and go on more hikes. I found a gem, something that no gyms or workout videos could ever replace.

Above is the Picture of my Progress as of December 31st 2020- 40 Pounds Down

Image by Huma Kabakci

"To Love Yourself is a never-ending journey"

"Progress is slow and sometimes tedious, but progress is never regrettable". 

On June 1st 2022 I am excited to post my new transformation pictures with a goal in mind to lose 10 more pounds of fat and gain more muscle!

Within this Journey I have gained so much confidence, and I have never loved myself or have been so proud of myself ever before in life. My journey has lit a fire in me to help others get their happiness and their best bodies back. Stay Tuned!

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